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Click Picture for Pro2 Solutions Roadmap
  Click Picture for Pro2 Solutions Roadmap

The "One fit all" type optimal solution across various applications does not exist. Hence, a variety of factors needs to be carefully evaluated, especially prior to deciding on an optimal protective solution that is most tailored to YOUR individual needs and concerns.

To facilitate the personalized decision process, we have developed a comprehensive self-guided Pro2 Solution Road Map to help our valued customers choose the most applicable solution based on individual professional settings.

Some of the key factors considered while developing the road map include the followings:


Work Environment Factors:
  • Biomedical Hazards Contact
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Prolonged Wearing Period
  • Economy
Personal Critical Concerns:
  • Latex Allergy
  • Dry Skin/Powder Irritaion
  • Barrier Protection
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Comfort and Fit
  • Grip & Lotion Compatibility
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